Priyanka's proudly brings to you their new and innovative line of sarees - Automatic Saree. This is that form of the Saree that you can slip into within a span of 15 seconds. Wearing these sarees it is not a matter of how to drape the saree correctly but instead its just a matter of wearing it. You'll love the collection especially if you are one of those who are unable to successfully drape a saree. The following are just the three steps for draping an automatic saree. Click on the thumbnails to view large image.        

The questions that will come to your mind at this point are definitely: 

What is this Automatic Saree?
Well, here is the reply to your query. Normally it takes 7 to 10 minutes to drape a saree. however in the case of the Automatic Saree it takes a bear minimum of 15 seconds. It is perfect for those who  are unable to drape a saree and even for those who wear sarees on a daily basis but feel frustrated about the amount of time it takes to drape it. 

How is this possible? 
Here's your answer. These sarees are well stitched in the style of an actual saree. In fact you will see that there is no difference between an Automatic Saree and a normally draped saree when worn. You could take a look here at how this saree is worn.

So how much does it cost ?
It costs an additional $ 25.00 for each saree and takes an additional 3 days to ship the merchandize.

How can I place an order for the Automatic Saree ?
Most of our sarees are sold without this additional feature and hence this option is not available in our regular shopping cart. But at the same time we are aware that there are many people who love wearing sarees but do not know how how to drape one. Frankly this option is primarily for them.  Once we receive the order, we will inform you regarding the additional payment to commence the processing of your ordered Automatic Saree.

Though I have never worn a saree before I would love to wear one. However what if after receiving it I do not like it, can I return it?
In the case of plain sarees we offer you a free replacement without any qualms. But as far as the Automatic Saree is concerned we advice you to consult a few Indian ladies or others who know about the saree. Only once you are sure then only place the order. We do not offer replacements in the case of Automatic Sarees.

How do you assure that the Automatic Saree will fit me perfectly ?
All automatic sarees are made with additional hooks which can take care of  4" to 5" +/-. We always process this order after taking the waist measurements.

Can I open it as a regular saree in case I do not like it ?
Yes you can open the stitches. It will take you a few minutes.

Would I need a Petticoat if I buy an Automatic Saree ?
Yes you will need a petticoat !






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