About our policies

What is the "substitution policy"?
Priyanka's is a distinctive Indian clothing store, unlike any other. No other Indian clothing store does online business the way Priyanka's does. We sell only high-quality, fully customized merchandise, with more than ten thousand items available. (If you have a look at other online Indian clothing outlets, you will find that they typically offer only a few dozen items in standard sizes.) Since 1998, we have worked hard to make our online business user-friendly, although our high standards and the conditions inherent in the business have made this task challenging. 

One of the biggest challenges is the ephemeral Indian fashion market. In India, saree and fabric makers introduce more than five thousand new design, color, and pattern variations every week-and thousands of variations are taken off the market. This happens with no advance notice to us, and the manufacturers have no universal or computerized system to keep track of it all. Fortunately, most new variations are only slightly different from previous patterns. Such changes have little impact on the overall look of a saree or outfit. For example, the flowers in a floral pattern may be printed a little smaller or larger. More rarely, more profound and noticeable changes are made, or a particular pattern is dropped entirely. 

In the meantime, it takes time for us to update our website, since for every new item we must arrange modeling and photography, write up the new description, design the new entry, and incorporate it all into our existing site. We do our best to keep up, but it's an unending process! It is literally impossible for our website to match our stock in every detail.

We think it is important for us to be able to offer you an extremely wide selection. Other shops may have guaranteed-in-stock merchandise, all of which is shown and described on a website, but they offer only a few choices. We have more than ten thousand items to choose from, with more available every day. We think the substitution policy is a reasonable accommodation for our decision to make so many choices available to our customers, and our customers tell us that they agree.

What is your return or exchange policy?
We do our best to make sure you never need to use this policy. But if you are unhappy with your order for any reason, we will be happy to make an exchange. (A simple refund is not possible, given the customization that goes into every outfit, as well as the difficulties and expense of shipping.) We will make exchanges for up to thirty days after you receive your order for garments that are not damaged or noticeably worn. To make an exchange, we ask that you return the item to us in the original packaging, at your expense, using the shipping method of your choice. We will examine the garment you return, figure out what went wrong, and take immediate steps to prevent such problems from reoccurring. We will communicate with you about your wishes to make sure you will be happy with the exchange. Then, at our expense, we will ship your free replacement to you.
We describe in more detail in our Shipping & Return section
Do you have a minimum order policy?
Yes; it is not possible for use to ship orders valued under a certain amount. The minimum value of merchandise for an order is: 
US $65.00 for international delivery 
US $15.00 for delivery in India
Shipping-and-handling charges are in addition to this minimum.

Why do you have a minimum order policy?
We use premium courier services such as FedEx, UPS, DHL or Similar kind , because they guarantee delivery in 3 to 4 days with continuous tracking and accountability. (It is impractical for an international e-commerce business to use a shipper without these features.) These companies have minimum prices: to ship anything from a fraction of an ounce up to a pound costs the same. In the interest of keeping our prices affordable, we subsidize part of the shipping-and-handling cost, especially for smaller orders. But at a certain point this becomes a liability for us; it does not make sense financially. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.

I don't want you to sell my address or information to anyone else. Do you ever do that?
Priyanka's is committed to safeguarding the privacy of our customers' personal data. We will use the information you furnish while placing an order ONLY for execution of the order. We never distribute, share, or sell customer data.

I am uncomfortable buying from the Internet. Don't I have to worry about high-tech thieves stealing my credit card details?
No need to worry. With Priyanka's, your information is always under maximum security. If you pay online with a credit card, credit details will be processed by CCAvenue in secure mode & they are  leaders in e-commerce transactions technology. They use industry-standard security, Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology, for your transactions, which is widely recognized as safer than using your credit card in person than in a store. Your credit card details are never directly accessible to us-or to anyone else; the details are locked into and handled only by the systems. High-tech thieves cannot access your details. Please see Payment Options for more information.

How frequently are new designs added?
We add new designs to our inventory every day, but to our website only as often as we can!

Is the blouse shown in the photograph included with the saree?
Stitched blouses are included with the saree as shown in the photographs ONLY when the description of the saree clearly says so. Many sarees can be ordered either with a plain blouse that matches the saree, or, for an additional fee, with the designer blouse shown on the model. Please read the description of the saree you choose for details. We also have a separate section for blouses.

Is the jewelry shown in the photograph included with the outfit?
Do you sell all of the jewelry shown in the photographs of clothes?
No, jewelry and accessories are not included with the clothing. We do have a wide selection of jewelry, but some of the jewelry pictured is not from our collection. Some of the photographs we use were provided by the design houses that produce the items, and in that case, they often use their own jewelry in a shoot. 
If you would like to order accessories, please see our Jewelry and Tidbits pages.

Will the colors shown on the website match what I get in my order?
Colors shown on the web catalogue will vary according to your monitor and several other equipment factors, so we cannot guarantee this. If you are very particular about color, we ask that you mention this clearly in the special instructions blank when ordering.

About ordering  -  Important Tips

Before you place an order, please read our Policy and Payment Options.
Please make sure that all necessary information is correctly entered in the order form, especially your e-mail address, shipping address, and phone numbers.
Please give your exact measurements in inches or centimeters. Do not add to your actual measurements. We will make the correct allowances for fabric shrinkage and for your comfort. For advice on measurements, please see our Measurement Help page.
Please note that accessories worn by the models in the photographs are not included with the garments. If you would like to order accessories, please see our Jewelryand Tidbits pages.
Any customs duties, import taxes, or VAT levied on garments in the country of import are the responsibility of the buyer and are not handled by Priyanka's.

How do I place an order?
As you browse our site, you can put as many items as you like in your shopping cart. It's easy to take something out later if your change your mind. You can see what is in your cart at any time by clicking the Shopping Cart tab.

The minimum order for delivery outside India is $65 (before shipping and handling). If the merchandise you have ordered does not total $65, the form will not allow you to proceed. The minimum order for deliveries inside India is $15. If you will be taking delivery in India and wish to order less than $65 worth or merchandise, your order must be processed manually.

After you submit this form, you will see a confirmation of your order. If you wish to make any changes, you can. This confirmation will also show your shipping-and-handling fee, which is calculated automatically.

The shipping-and-handling fee in India is free

The next step is to proceed with the payment option of your choice, which you chose in the first step. (For more information about payment options, security, and policies, please see the Payment Options page.) When you have finished this step, an automatic e-mail will be sent to you with an order confirmation and an order number. If you need to communicate with us for any reason about the order, we will need that order number to assist you. At the same time, your order will be automatically sent to us for processing.

Can I track my order during shipping -- will you send me the shipment tracking number?

Yes you can check progress of your order after you login into your account with user name and password.

About shipping please check our section shipping & Returns

How long does delivery take?
We normally need a minimum of fifteen ore more days for coustmization order. and 3-5 days for ready garments such as unstitch salwars, without embroidery sarees etc. Outfits which have intricate hand work may take an additional two weeks or more. Check the description of the items you are ordering for more information. Outfits ordered from the Just Out Fashion

About measurements
I don't know my exact measurements. I wear US women's size 10. Can you make my outfit using this information?
Yes, we can. But the more measurement information you can give us, the better your garment will fit. We can work with as little as your standard size. 
For more details and for advice on taking measurements, please refer our Measurement Help page. You may find that taking measurements is easier than you thought. 
We strongly recommend that you fill in at least the measurements marked with a red asterisk [*] on the order form. 
If you give us any measurement information, please do not add to your actual measurements. We will make the correct allowances for fabric shrinkage and for your comfort.
We offer three alternatives to having your exact measurements taken. You may also combine any of these options.
Measure a garment which fits you perfectly, and fill in its measurements on the form.
If you know your standard US, Irish, British, or Continental size, you may fill that in on the form. See our Measurement Form for a size chart.
If you are an average-sized Indian woman, then you can select a size from the Average Indian Woman Size Chart. (This is the least precise option.)

I need to place my order immediately, but I left my measurements written down elsewhere. Can I send them to you after I place my order?
Yes. If you wish to place your order right now, and you do not have your measurements handy but can get them (or take them) later, you may choose to submit them on the Measurement Form up to a few days later-but don't forget! We suggest that you make a "bookmark" or a "favorite" of the Measurement Form page in your browser to help you remember. Your order will be assigned an order number; please include that number when sending measurements.

Do I have to submit my measurements if I order only a saree?
If you order nothing but a saree (or a saree and a petticoat), no. But if you are ordering blouse to go with it, we will need your measurements to tailor it correctly. (If you have never worn a saree before, we want to let you know that a saree is worn with a blouse and a petticoat. You can find more information about measurements and how to wear a saree by clicking these links: Measurements & Saree Knowledgebase)

Sarees are normally 5.5 yards in length. Petticoats are made in standard sizes with adjustable drawstring waists. However, for blouses we need measurements -- and not just your standard size, unless you choose an "as shown blouse" (that is, the blouse that the model in the photograph is wearing) If you choose an "as shown blouse" you need only give us your standard blouse size; if the blouse shown is sleeveless and 14" long, that's what you'll get. But if you order a "plain stitched blouse" or a "designer stitched blouse", you must specify your blouse length, sleeve length, and neck design choices on the order form.

I have ordered from Priyanka's before, and I gave you my measurements then. Do I have to get measured and give you my measurements all over again?
Yes, we recommend it, because over time most people's measurements change. Also, if you select a different design than your last order, we may need additional information.

I don't understand how you can tailor something for me properly over the Internet. How can I ensure that the fit of the clothes I order is perfect?
The trained eye of our master tailors is required to make sure that your outfit fits well. If a precise fit is especially important to you, we recommend you open a dialogue with our trained staff. You can contact our tailors by phone or e-mail to determine what features are the most important in your wardrobe, and they will make recommendations accordingly. If you have ordered from us before, our tailors will help you re-check your measurements and make sure of a perfect fit. 

About our fabrics

Do you manufacture the fabrics yourself?
No, we do not manufacture fabrics, but we buy directly from fabric mills. We also design a lot of fabrics and place our orders with mill owners to make these fabrics exclusively for us.

Do I have to worry about fabric shrinkage?
No. All our fabrics are pre-shrunk. Although some fabrics continue to show a residual shrinkage of 2% to 3%, we understand and allow for this shrinkage when we craft your outfit. Please do not add to your exact measurements-we will make any appropriate allowances for shrinkage and for your comfort.

In all of India, we may be the only garment producer now using pre-washed, pre-shrunk cotton in our outfit linings and saree falls. You will never experience ruinous fabric puckering caused by mismatched fabric shrinkage ratios with our clothing.

What fabric is this outfit made of?  What kind of fibers are in the fabric?
Some information about fabric is included with most of the item descriptions. If you need more information than is included there, please send us an inquiry atsales@priyankas.com  or from the Contact Us page with the item number and description.
We do want to assure you that all our fabrics (including those with synthetic fibers) are of a very high quality. Also, we generally use cotton linings in our garments so that any synthetic fiber does not come directly in contact with the skin. We do choose to use synthetic fabrics, as well as natural ones, because some of the most beautiful, durable, fashionable, and economical patterns, textures, and drapes are found among synthetics.

About Priyanka's

What benefits do you offer that I do not get at a regular store?
First, all of our clothing is custom-made for our customers.
Second, we keep our prices lower than the average retail prices by running an efficient online operation. We do not have the huge overhead costs associated with running a shop or a boutique.
Third, we also keep our prices low by negotiating deals directly with suppliers.
Fourth, we have a much wider selection than any retail location could ever carry.
Fifth, we can keep up with emerging fashions much more quickly than retail stores can.
Sixth, we have a staff of expert designers ready to help with any special occasion or needs.
Seventh, you can shop with us at any time you like, from anywhere in the world!

What do your existing customers have to say about your service?
Please see our many Testimonials!

Can you tell me more about Priyanka's?
Priyanka’s is a successful concept in internationally available Indian clothing and accessories. We have many thousands of satisfied customers worldwide. We have been able to earn a significant share of this growing market because of our sound business plan: 
-  We believe that customer service is our most important task.
-  We deal only in quality materials and designs.
-  We provide expert fitting, workmanship, and advice.
-  We get the latest fashions to market ahead of everyone else.
-  We offer a greater variety of fashions than anyone else.
-  We deal directly with suppliers to negotiate the best prices.
-  We offer our merchandise only online to avoid the inefficiencies and limitations of a physical shop.
-  We constantly evaluate our sales to better understand what our customers want.
-  We constantly evaluate our processes to determine what works.
-  We constantly look for ways to offer even better values.
-  We constantly look for the best technological solutions to streamline our processes.
-  We are open for intelligent trials in the quest to better our service, but we never put our core structures at risk.
-  We are devoted to satisfying our customers’ needs. 

Priyanka’s began in 1998 with Priyanka, an individual who dreamt of making beautiful, high-quality clothing. But Priyanka’s has grown to be much more. Now, we have in-house facilities not only for custom tailoring, handwork, and design, but also web publishing, programming, order processing, and photography. We are especially proud of our staff of more than ten full-time professional designers. 

Priyanka launched her business without much fanfare, but Priyanka’s is recognized all over the world for quality and style in Indian clothing. You will find that our selection is twenty, fifty, or even a hundred times larger than the selections available elsewhere. We add more every day. And we don’t add just anything—all of our fashions are meticulously designed and expertly made. In fact, we have a growing base of customers in the cities of India, who could browse through hundreds of shops and thousands of Indian styles in person if they wished. But more and more of them choose to shop online with us, instead. And, of course, those abroad who are looking for the best in Indian fashion have learned that Priyanka’s is by far the best among a growing list of online choices. You don’t have to take our word for it. We have a long list of customer testimonials that we invite you to browse.

If you have the slightest complaint about or problem with our service, please do not hesitate to e-mail us at newadmin #  priyankas  dot com.
Our postal address:
Priyanka's Designs Pvt. Ltd.
Paper Box House
Mahakali Caves Road
Andheri - East
Mumbai - 400 093. INDIA 
To speak to one of our Customer Support Representatives, please dial +91-9322646766
Or you can fax us, 9.30 AM to 6.30 P.M. (IST), at +91-22-26352413
(Not sure what time it is in India? Find out at www.worldtimeserver.com)

About special services

Do you offer any specialized services?
Can I order a gift for someone in India?
Could I special-order a bridal outfit?
Can you help me with my wedding invitations?
Can you help me with stage outfits for my performing choir?

Priyanka's offers various kinds of personalized services, which we process by hand for each client. These services include:

- Gift deliveries in India with special packing for special occasions
- Customized bridal outfits
- Wedding cards, plain or printed
- Postal service for wedding cards
- Costumes for performances

For more details, please contact our Special Services Department at: newadmin #  priyankas  dot com.

Can you help me pick a bridal dress?
We would love to help make your wedding as individual as you are! Every bride becomes special the moment she steps into a Priyanka's outfit. You'll discover that selecting the ensemble for your wedding party can be a comfortable, enjoyable event. Priyanka's Fashion Studio specializes in elegant, one-of-a-kind wedding creations for your special day. Why buy a production-line wedding dress when you can have a unique bridal gown, bridal lehenga choli or bridal sharara, custom-made by professional designers?
I am in a big rush! My wedding is approaching very soon. Can you get a bridal outfit to me in ten days?
Probably yes, within certain restrictions. All Priyanka's outfits, especially bridal outfits, are custom-tailored. We do not sell dresses that are off the shelf. However, we do have certain designs that we can run up very quickly. If you give us your (a) budget, (b) fabric choice, (c) color preferences, (d) style briefing, and (e) whether you want medium or heavy handwork, we will do our best to produce the outfit within three or four days. In 90% of cases, we will be able to make the delivery in the specified time frame. You will not have as much control over design choices as you would if you had more time-but you will get Priyanka's expert designers' choices. Our customers have, so far, been very happy with Priyanka's choices indeed!

I am a Indian woman, and my wedding is coming up. I am not aware about current fashion trends. I wish to wear a traditional outfit, but I'm not sure exactly what. Can Priyanka's help me?
Yes, absolutely! We love to help in such a situation. We have several clients who have asked for this service, and Priyanka's has never disappointed them. We can recommend the best outfits for your occasion. Just send us details about the occasion, your likes and dislikes, measurements, occasion date, budget and, if at all possible, a good photograph of you (as an electronic file is best). When we receive these details, one of our senior designers will recommend and discuss the best selection for you.

Do you have any special bridal forehead bindis?
Yes! We have several bridal bindis in our Bindis Section. If you don't find what you are looking for, please send us an e-mail describing it and one of the senior designers at Priyanka's will try to procure what you need.

I am a great fan of Bollywood and I love the outfits worn in films. If I specify an outfit from a film, can you make one exactly like it for me?
Good question! 
If you are looking for a Bollywood outfit, the new Indian fashion rage in the United States, your search is over. You won't find these selections anywhere else. We carry an ever-growing selection of Bollywood ensembles, made to look exactly like the costumes you see worn by your favorite Bollywood stars.

If the film outfit you want is not already there, we may be able to design it for you, if you can provide us with pictures of what you want. Did you know that one out of every five outfits you see in Bollywood blockbuster films was designed and made by Priyanka's?

But we must reveal a film business secret: most film outfits do not look as good in reality as they do on screen! There are two types of outfits made for movies:

- One-time-use scene outfits. The producer / director wants a particular outfit just for shooting a particular scene. To save money and time, these outfits are made to a purpose, and then they are thrown away. Only the parts that will show in the picture are made well. The fabric is terrible and the handiwork only temporary. Certainly not an outfit that you would want to wear in real life!

- Reproduction gift outfits. Some producers / directors order perfect reproduction outfits, made to look like a scene outfit, that can be worn normally. These outfits are made perfectly in every sense-fabric, design, handiwork, etc. The outfit may be a gift for the star or for a relative-or, if you order from us, for YOU.

When you ask for a reproduction outfit, send us scanned photographs of the original outfit-in most cases we insist on this, to avoid any possible confusion. Images of the outfit from as many angles as possible will help us create a perfect copy. You should also specify the fabric (because if we use the actual fabric you see on screen, you may not be able to use the dress more than once!) or ask us to recommend the best fabric. 

I love the outfits on your site. But I would like small changes-like long sleeves instead of short, a longer blouse to cover my midriff, etc. What is your policy on this?
No problem! You may indicate several options on the order form, including blouse or kameez sleeve length, blouse or kameez hem length, and even degree of gathers on churidar ankles. You may also choose "As shown in catalogs" on the order form to have your item made just as the model wears it in the photo. In addition, for some of our items with handwork, options are shown in the item description for more or less handwork--please check the description of the item that interests you. 

Can I request something substantially different, such as different colors, styles, and so on?
We do ask that you take time to browse our more than ten thousand styles before placing such a request; it's likely that we have exactly what you want already! Many designs are offered in several colors and with a few design options-please check the item descriptions for details. We handle some special requests, but this does require extra time and, usually, extra charges. If you are willing to take the time and willing to pay a reasonable amount for a custom design, we can surely come up with something that will delight you.

I have looked through all of your thousands of items. I saw many outfits I liked, but none of them is exactly right for me. In one outfit I like the skirt and in another outfit I like the blouse. I want a combination outfit. How do I go about placing this kind of order, and what will it cost?
This is a little tricky, but we do entertain such inquiries. We process such orders manually. Send us an e-mail with details about exactly what combination you have in mind, what color, what fabric, and so on, and what your budget is, in addition to the address and measurement information we would need with any order. Based on your request, one of our senior designers will contact you with her recommendation and a price.

I am very particular about fashion, taste, and quality. My wedding will be one of the most special events in my entire life. How could I possibly buy something as important as my bridal outfit over the Internet -- how could I trust all the crucial details to strangers so far away?
We understand how brides feel about bridal outfits. We know they are not a matter for casual purchase. Rest assured that we CAN make this method of obtaining your bridal outfit not only workable, but enjoyable, and even more suited to the occasion than going to a local source. We will treat you like the princess you deserve to be, especially for your wedding. Consider these points:

- Our headquarters are in the city of Mumbai and we serve a large number of cosmopolitan communities. Mumbai is the capital of the Indian fashion market -- and our Andheri-Juhu area of Mumbai is the absolute center of Mumbai fashion.

- We know what is in demand and what is currently in fashion. With our expertise, we can convert your dream into reality. We have done so for many very satisfied bridal customers. You can rely on Priyanka's fashion taste: we rest our reputation on it.

- We employ more than ten full-time professional designers. All of our bridal outfit advice is processed by teams which include at least two designers. We will listen carefully to your desires for something traditional, modern, or anything in between, and interpret your wishes to create something magical for you.

- If we do not have a design online which suits your need, our team will draft a special design to your specifications. We will e-mail a scanned copy of this design to you for free, and incorporate any modifications that you request. We will continue making modifications until you are satisfied before we begin making your outfit.

- For bridal orders, we request that you allow enough time for us to communicate about your every desire.

- So that we can give you the best advice, please give us as many details as possible about your needs on our Designers Advice Request Form.

If you are not quite convinced yet, but are at least willing to consider our services, please send us your pointed questions!
Information for non-Indian customers
I am not Indian and I have never visited India, but I love the Indian outfits I have seen. Is it appropriate for me to wear them?
Yes, definitely! You do not have to be from a particular place, background, or religion to wear any of the clothes you find on our site. In fact, we have many satisfied clients from the USA, UK, and Canada who are not Indian (or Pakistani or Bangladeshi) but are our customers and place orders with us on a regular basis. They tell us that they enjoy wearing Indian clothes because of their outstanding comfort and beauty. Some wear Indian clothes only for special occasions, while some choose outfits for daily, casual, and office wear.

Do I have to be Hindu to wear a saree?
Do I have to be Muslim to wear a salwar-kameez?
Absolutely not. Anyone can wear any of our clothing! Sarees, salwar-kameez, lehengas, and other clothing you see on our site are worn by women all over India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and all over the world, of all religions. A woman may choose to wear different kinds of outfits on different days for different reasons. For instance, she may choose to wear a simple salwar-kameez on a day when she knows she will be walking about the city, running to catch busses, and so on-when she wants to wear something practical and comfortable. And the same woman may wear a fine silk saree for a special occasion the next day. This woman might be of any religion or background. Many women choose to wear outfits that are traditional for the area where they live, although many younger women simply wear whatever fits their personal taste.

Don't I have to be a married Hindu woman to wear a bindi?
Is it disrespectful to Hindus for a non-Hindu to wear a bindi?
It is true that many years ago, the red bindi was usually worn by married women. Then, it was usually a simple circle, made with traditional materials such as vermilion and sandalwood paste. But, nowadays (and since the 18th century in some cases), bindis of all shapes, colors, and materials are worn by married and unmarried women of all ages, simply because they enjoy them. This is not considered disrespectful.

Some women feel that the bindi focuses others' respectful attention on their faces (rather than on their figures), while others enjoy choosing a bindi to match a favorite outfit. Some feel that the bindi enhances the third, or spiritual, eye. Others are mindful of its history for Hindus as a blessed symbol of Uma or Parvati, and some indeed still wear it as a reminder of their wedding vows.
Muslim women tend not to wear bindis (please see below for further discussion).
Some specific patterns of forehead decoration made with traditional materials are associated with men and women of particular Hindu sects, such as the three white, horizontal lines worn by devotees of Shiva. And some Hindu ceremonies are accompanied by the application of color to the forehead of an honored person of either sex.
However, the bindis sold by Priyanka's are appropriate for secular wear by anyone. Our bindis range from simple to elaborate, including some very special ones appropriate for wedding wear. We even carry bindis designed for wear on other parts of the body, such as the navel, the arm, the nose, the fingernails, the part of the hair, the neck, the hair, and above the eyebrows. We hope you will feel free to be creative with bindis!

What are bindis made of?
How do you get a bindi to stay in place?
The bindis we carry are all sticker-bindis; that is, they come with an adhesive backing. They are made of various materials, including felt, plastic, tiny brass or other metallic balls, "minakari" (colored imitation stones), imitation pearls, crystals, and others. They are made in a wide variety of abstract shapes, and also in some animal shapes, especially butterflies and serpents.
A sticker-bindi should stay in place without any problems for at least one wearing, and, if you are careful, for several wearings. The adhesive works best if you clean away any oil from your skin before you stick on the bindi.
Traditional bindis are made of a colored powder applied to an adhesive base, or of a slightly sticky paste. Many women, especially those who are a little more conservative, traditional, or religious, still apply bindis in this way.

Is it forbidden for a Muslim woman to wear a bindi?
The answer is somewhat complex. The following information is taken from a question-and-answer column in the "Arab News," Jeddah.
"The general rule which governs the use of such material is that everything is lawful unless pronounced otherwise. There may be some rules which restrict the use of certain items and these rules may apply to other items by analogy. It is forbidden for a Muslim, for example, to wear clothes or to have an article of equipment which bears a distinctive mark of unbelievers. … if [something] is distinctive of women who follow some other religion like Buddhism or Hinduism, it becomes forbidden. The prohibition does not come as a result of anything inherent in the article itself, but as a result of its being distinctive of non-Muslim women.
"If you are living in a society where there are both Muslim and non-Muslim women living and those non-Muslim women use bindis, then it will be forbidden for Muslim women to wear bindis. However, in a purely Muslim society, where a women is accepted and treated as a Muslim unless established otherwise, there should be no restriction on its use. However, one may still say that it is strongly discouraged.
"On the other hand, if this adhesive sticker or enamel is waterproof, then a Muslim woman who wears it cannot have a proper ablution. It prevents water from reaching a part of her face which should be washed. Since her ablution is incomplete, her prayer will be invalid. In this case, the prohibition is a consequence of its effect on prayer. 

"To sum up, if this bindi is not distinctive of non-Muslim women, a Muslim woman may wear it provided she removes it when she wants to have ablution for prayer." You may wish to discuss this matter further with your spiritual leader.

I love the way sarees look, but I don't know how to wrap one! Is it very hard? Will I be able to learn to do it?
Draping a saree can be fairly easy to learn, although some women find it more difficult than others. It does come more easily with practice, like most things in life! We have step-by-step instructions with diagrams for draping a saree. If you have any Indian women friends, they may be able to help teach you. You may also be interested in the Automatic Saree option. With this service, you may choose any saree from our site, submit your measurements to us, and we will stitch the saree into permanent folds so that it can be put on in about fifteen seconds. (It becomes somewhat like putting on a wrap-around skirt.) At the waistband, we add multiple hooks to allow for a few inches' change, larger or smaller, to your waistline. We charge $25.00 extra for the Automatic Saree option. Please see the Automatic Saree FAQ section (below) for more information.

Don't women wrap sarees differently in different parts of India?
This is a fascinating subject. In the last few centuries, sarees were draped in many hundreds of different ways, with many methods being specific to a particular area, profession, or class. But, increasingly since the Indian independence from Great Britain, the "modern saree" drape is supplanting other draping methods. There are many reasons for this change, most stemming from variations on a desire to be part of a united India. The Automatic Saree is stitched in a permanent "modern saree" drape, and our instructions with diagrams also show this drape.

There is a fascinating book on the subject available in English, written by the French scholar Chantal Boulanger, titled Saris: An Illustrated Guide to the Indian Art of Draping. If you are interested in the disappearing art of draping, this book is highly recommended. It is not a "coffee-table book" full of lush photography and meaningless text, but a simple how-to book with black-and-white diagrams showing how to make hundreds of traditional drapes.

Which spelling is correct-"saree" or "sari"?
In the United States, "sari" is more usual. In India, "saree" is almost universal. Since it is not an English word, either spelling is only an approximation of the original. And, since it is a style of Indian dress and Indians tend to spell it "saree", I prefer that spelling. But either spelling is "correct"!

What are all these clothing names? What is a salwar? What is a kameez? (etc.)
Here is a glossary of Indian clothing and accessory terms. Check back for an expansion, coming soon. 
A decoration applied to the forehead between the eyes (See also the FAQs What are bindis made of?, How do you get a bindi to stay in place?, Don't I have to be a married Hindu woman to wear a bindi?, Is it disrespectful to Hindus for a non-Hindu to wear a bindi? and Is it forbidden for a Muslim woman to wear a bindi? for more information)
A short women's blouse that exposes the midriff. A choli is worn with a saree, a ghaghra, or a lehenga.
Closely fitted pants, with bunches of folds at the ankles looking like a stack of bangles
A women's suit that includes a kameez (tunic), a churidar (fitted pants), and a dupatta (scarf)
An unstitched piece of cloth a few yards long draped around the lower body; worn most often nowadays by men, but in some places by either sex
A matching scarf worn in various ways with certain outfits, including salwar-kameez, churidar-kameez, and lachas 
A long flowing skirt worn with a choli. Simple ghaghras have only one rectangular piece of cloth with a vertical seam, making a tube. Flared ghaghras have several triangular pieces sewn together for a trumpet-like shape.
A tunic for women, usually knee-length or longer. Plural is also "kameez" (See also Do I have to be Muslim to wear a salwar-kameez? for more information)
A long tunic for men or women
A women's suit that includes a short tunic, a lehenga (long skirt) and a dupatta (scarf)
A long, flowing skirt
Wide-leg, straight-cut pants, usually worn under a kurta or kameez
A skirt used as a foundation garment (underwear) beneath a saree
Loose pants, broad at the top and narrower at the ankles (See also Do I have to be Muslim to wear a salwar-kameez? for more information)
A women's suit that includes a kameez (tunic), a salwar (loose pants), and a dupatta (scarf) (See also Do I have to be Muslim to wear a salwar-kameez? for more information)
An unstitched piece of cloth, most often 5.5 to 6 yards long and 43 to 45 inches wide, draped first around a woman's hips and then around her upper body, usually over a choli and petticoat (See also Do I have to be Hindu to wear a saree? for more information)
A very full, flowing pants which look like a long skirt, worn under a short tunic and with a dupatta.
ALSO COMING SOON: glossaries of Indian fabric and handwork terms

About Automatic Sarees

What is an "Automatic Saree"?
An Automatic Saree is stitched so that, when worn, it falls in exactly the same style as a regularly draped saree. In fact, visually, there is no difference between an Automatic Saree and an ordinary saree when worn. 

Normally it takes 7 to 10 minutes to drape a saree, but an Automatic Saree takes only 15 seconds. It is perfect for those who are unable to drape a saree correctly and even for those who wear sarees regularly but get irritated with the amount of time it takes to drape them.

Take a look here at how this saree is worn.

Who might choose an Automatic Saree?
- Anyone who finds draping a saree too frustrating or time-consuming.
- Busy working women who prefer to wear sarees.
- Indian women who have settled abroad and wish to wear sarees.
- Women who enjoy Indian fashion but have never learned to drape a saree.
- Those who wish to give a saree to a woman who has never worn one before.

How much does an Automatic Saree cost?
It costs an additional $25.00 for each saree. (That is in addition to the price of the saree itself.)

How much longer does it take to have an Automatic Saree delivered?
It takes an additional 3 days to ship.

How do I place an order for an Automatic Saree?
The Automatic Saree option must be ordered manually, not through the order form. It also must be paid for separately. (We hope to be able to offer the Automatic Saree option as part of our regular order form soon, and are seeking a solution that will work.)

Once you have finished placing the order for the saree of your choice, including submitting payment, you receive an e-mail with your order reference number. Note down this order reference number and then go to the Submit Payment link. (Please note that this link accepts only MasterCard and Visa payments.) Now, calculate the amount of the automatic saree options you need (US $25.00 for each saree) and then manually place an order for the Automatic Saree options. Please include your waist measurement. There is no additional shipping-and-handling fee. Once we receive these details, we will confirm by e-mail and incorporate the information into your tracking form's remark / comment section.

I think I want one of these, but since I have never worn a saree before, I'm not sure. Can I return an Automatic Saree if I do not like it?
In the case of plain sarees, we can offer you a free replacement (but never a refund) without any qualms. (Please see our Policy for more details about a replacement for a plain saree.) But we are unable to offer replacements for Automatic Sarees because of the customization that goes into them. If you are not sure that this is what you want, we advise you to consult a few Indian friends or others who know about sarees-perhaps someone has a saree you can try on. Please place an order only once you are sure.

How can I be sure that the Automatic Saree will fit me?
Automatic sarees are carefully fitted according to the waist measurement you provide us. An extra margin of 4" to 5" is added by attaching additional hooks, just in case a person loses or gains inches at the waist.

Will I need a petticoat if I buy an Automatic Saree?
It depends on the saree's fabric. Ordinarily, sarees are worn with a petticoat not only for the help it provides in draping, but also for modesty. If the fabric of the saree you choose is the least bit transparent or sheer, we strongly recommend a petticoat.

Will I need a blouse if I buy an Automatic saree?
With any saree, including the Automatic Saree, you will certainly need a blouse. If you do not have a saree blouse already and the saree you chose does not come with one, please consider choosing one from our Blouses section.

About specific sections and merchandise

What is "Crepe Beauty"?
We have found that the majority of our customers are looking for traditional ethnic outfits with handwork. We stock 80 colors of the fabric most suited to this type of item, and we are able to offer an unusually wide variety of choices for such Crepe Beauty creations.

What is "Designers' Personalized Advice"?
This is where to go when you are not sure what you want, where your needs will be handled personally by one of our professional designers. Here, you provide us with details about what you need, what you need it for, what your budget is, and what your taste is-you help us understand your requirements, which gives us an outline to work with. Then, we forward your information to the appropriate experts on our designer staff. (See our Designers page for more information about the leaders in this department..)

What is the difference between "Designers' Personalized Advice" and "Designers' Choice"?
"Designers' Personalized Advice" is the page where you can submit a request for our designers to suggest something special for you, whether that is a bridal outfit, trousseau, or simply an outfit that is perfect for you. This is where to go when you are not sure what you want and would like some expert advice. You will communicate directly with the designers and you will be able to pre-approve your order. You will pay our regular prices for outfits ordered after receiving designers' advice.
"Designers' Choice", on the other hand, is a discount offer program in which you supply us with only basic details about what you want, and allow our designers to fill your order with what they think is best. They will choose from fashions that have just become available and may not yet be shown on our site. You will not be able to pre-approve their choices. In exchange for trusting their choices, you will receive a substantial savings off our regular prices.

What are the "Screen and Runway Fashions"?
A few months ago, we introduced outfit designs from popular events such as TV serials, Bollywood films, fashion shows, etc. Apart from the current gallery of the popular serial Kyonki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi, we added galleries from Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki and a few films such as Hum Apke Hai Kaun, Hum Sath Sath Hai, Khoobsurat,Taal, Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam, Jis Desh Mein Ganga Rahta Hai, Gadar, Tera Jadoo Chal Gaya, Chori Chori Chupke Chupke, Hum Tum Pe Marte Hain, etc., whose designs have caused a fashion craze.

If you like what you see in this section, take a look at our Bollywood Outfits website. Try our advanced search at www.bollywoodoutfits.com/advsearch.htm! You can search by star name, film name, outfit type, price rage, or a combination of these.

Do you carry maternity wear?
Yes, we do! We have many different maternity outfits and gowns, but we still haven't been able to update our website with all of them. We are in the process of making a maternity wear section. Please check back with our "What's New" section for announcements, or, even better, subscribe to our newsletter to keep you updated.

Do you sell unstitched fabric?
Yes! Please see the Fabric Shop for more details. We carry chiffon, crepe, georgette, rasgulla, satin, summer cool fabric, and tissue fabric.

Can I have matching jewelry, shoes, and accessories included with the outfit I order?
Yes! Our site shows our wide variety of Jewelry and Tidbits if you would like to choose them for yourself, and we also have a good selection of shoes not shown on the site. If you don't know what to choose, one of the senior designers from Priyanka's will be glad to make suggestions. Just e-mail us.

About buying in bulk
If I want to buy in bulk-say, 25 dresses-can I get a discount?
Yes! All prices mentioned on the website are retail prices. If you are a reseller, shop owner, home-based business person, etc., we welcome you to be a Priyanka's Partner. We deal in many items with bulk dealers. We guarantee that no one can offer the best and latest items in Indian fashion as Priyanka's does.
About Resellers
I have my own web site. Can I link to your site and earn an affiliate commission?
We do not have such automated system yet, but we will! Our affiliates program is under development, and it should be up in the next month or two. If you are interested in becoming an affiliate, please click here and submit your details so that we can contact you when the new system is up and running. 

How can I become a Priyanka's reseller?
We would love to welcome you as a reseller of our merchandise! Please click through to our Reseller Opportunities page for more information and an inquiry form. 
How can I ask a question that isn't answered here?
With the upgrade of our website and the openings of our new offices in Hyderabad and Surat, we are now offering round-the-clock customer support via e-mail. In addition, our fashion designers are available for any kind of support Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., India time. Our after-hours / weekend support is somewhat more limited; it is designed for clients who have already placed orders and for new clients who need clarification of something on the site. If your question cannot be answered after hours, it will be forwarded to our main support staff for the quickest answer possible. Please send inquiries to Support Team

How can I reach you?
Address of HQ:
Priyanka's Designs Pvt. Ltd.
Paper Box House,
Mahakali Caves Road,
Andheri (E), Mumbai - 400 093.
Phone: 91-9322646766




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